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Jewelry Workbench


Since I can remember I have loved to create. I was never into the academic classes at school, but I LOVED the creative classes. I just felt at home there. I didn't know I wanted to be a jeweler until I randomly took a class my second semester in college titled "fabrication." I registered not knowing what it was and I didn't care, I just knew it was a place I was going to learn to make something I had never made before. That class led me to metal smithing which then led me to G.I.A. where I became a certified Jewelery Designer & Fabricator.


There I learned so many lessons in perfection, creation, organization, determination and expectation. Expectations there were very high, as they should be. Bridal jewelry and fine jewelry fabrication are symbols of love and care and many want/need perfection in those pieces. I fully respect that desire and love creating for people who prefer them. The training I received at G.I.A. and the disciplines I developed increased my passion, talent and technical abilities. However, through addiction recovery I discovered that being a permanent perfectionist was taking the joy away from my life and my creative energy, so I stepped away for a while. I worked on finding what I loved about the craft I had spent years refining and started playing more and letting myself try new things and think outside of the box. 

I believe creating jewelry is a lot like life. We are the metal. We start off polished, blank slates. Then the world gets ahold of us. Gives us scars, beats us down and dulls our shine. But then something beautiful happens. We find something bigger than us that believes that we can be reNvinted into something more, something better than we were before. We heal what's broken, let the unnecessary pieces fall away and become polished, revealing someone better than we were before. Then we use our new found beauty and strength to bring hope and support and love to those around us. 

So, I started working with pieces that were no longer wanted. I saw the opportunity to take something some considered ugly, broken, plain, unwanted, or used and make it beautiful, strong, unique, and desired. Everyone deserves a second chance, and with that reNvinted was born. I still make brand new perfect pieces but most of my pieces will tell stories. Stories of tragedy, sadness, distress, pain and hopelessness that turned into hope, faith, trust and joy. 

I've also used creating as a way to cope with the things I cannot control. That is where my Warrior collection was born. It allowed me a way to create, give back, show support, raise awareness and let people who were struggling know that I see them, I love them, and they are not alone. We all have been through something, none of us get out of this world unscathed. The best we can do is find the beauty in the broken and allow the universe to reNvint us one day at a time and eventually disclose something more beautiful than we ever thought possible.


One of my favorite quotes is by Bill Bennot, "How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great." 

Of all the things I've created, I am most proud of the three little miracles I am privileged enough to call mine. They gave me the most honorable and humbling title, mom. They bring me so much joy, more than I ever thought I deserved or was even possible for one person to have.


Today, I am a recovered addict with a beautiful family and a successful business. I am truly honored and blessed to have this life and I do my best to share the light I've found with everyone I meet. 


My jewelry business isn't just about me. It's about giving back, remembering how far I've come and showing gratitude for what I have by sharing it with others. My grandfather helped me build my bench from scratch, so I get to sit with him every time I work at my bench. My husband and I set up my studio and all of my events together, my daughter and sons help me with designs, marketing and inspiration. My parents, family, friends and recovery community promote, support me and remind me that I am a part of something bigger than me.


Paul Boynton says, "sometimes we need a bridge and sometimes we are the bridge... There are times in our lives when we could use a little help, and other times when we are given the chance to be that help for someone else...remember we are stronger together, taking a hand is just as important as offering one." 


It is my hope and prayer that my Jewelery will help spread love, awareness and hope for any and every struggle happening on this planet at any given time. May you all be kind to yourselves and others. Be the sparkle to this world when you are full of light and reach out when you are feeling your light dimming so you can be reNvinted and polished and ready again to help someone reaching out to you. 

Thank you for taking the time to hear a little more about my story and for supporting my family and other warriors by supporting my small business. 

With Sincere Gratitude, 





Gemological Institute of America


Graduate Jeweler Program, Applied Jewelry Arts Program, Diamond Certificate.


Brigham Young University-Idaho


Bachelors Degree in Business Management- emphasis in entrepreneurship. 

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